Secret to a successful Sales Process

A couple of years ago during a meeting with a prospective Sales Director he complained that his salesforce was not using the sales process in which they invested. He mentioned that management had hired a consulting firm to develop the process and it was not being used properly. In fact, the sales force was finding all excuses you can imagine for not using it. The investment had become a burden. He was quite frustrated about the situation and was ready to scuttle the project.

I offered help which was accepted. A program where we got the sales team to brainstorm and develop their own sales process. They were allowed to use what they could from the first sales process which they did. Within weeks there was a new sales process in place and working. When compared to the sales process developed by the consulting firm, there were many similarities between both processes.

So what was learned from this case?

When you get people involved to solve a problem, they usually come up with surprising results. And as it becomes their baby, they tend to do everything to make a success out of it.

This is called participative management and has a direct impact on motivation!

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Robert Peterson

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