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When you question the sales manager about results being below target, the response you get is often that it’s because of the market, economy, competition, product and whole plethora of other reasons.

Unfortunately, by pointing the finger at everyone except who is responsible for selling, no changes can be made to make the selling of that service or item more efficient. As a result, it often happens that companies end up cutting costs without actually knowing what the origin of the problem is.

There is still hope!

What if there was a method that would indicate exactly why the business results are declining? What if that same method could tell you what you have to do to bring your commercial organization to a higher level? What if you could over exceed your targets with a high profit percentage?
At Peterson Company, we have the method and the tools to make this dream a reality.Peterson Company gives support to companies who want to grow their business in a sustainable way. If the right sales professionals are given the right tasks, business growth will flourish. We specialize in facilitating an environment in which the sales professional can become effective again.

My Story

Sales has always been my passion. The dynamism between people that leads to an agreement, a promise to deliver and a transaction is fascinating. During the years and growth of my career I discovered that there is more to selling: the mind-set of people, sales leadership and much more. This brought another dimension to my curiosity which increased my interest in the whole sales process. It includes all the aspects that are of influence in the process.
People think differently about selling, but one thing is sure: the world would grind to a standstill if we would stop selling.
With my new Blog I want to create a profounder insight in the science of selling.
I wish to create a better understanding of the art of selling, the sales leadership that is essential to it and how to adapt to the rapid changes that the Internet is bringing to our lives.
Sit back and enjoy my blog!


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